Andy Haire, the firm’s principal, is a senior telecom executive with over 30 years of experience across four continents, and is considered by many to be among the preeminent telecom thought leaders/experts in the world.

Not  only  has  his  accomplishments   included  the  architecting  of  major  policy  frameworks  in  the telecoms,  technology,  and postal sectors,  but it has included  the direct hands on responsibility  of overseeing the regulator’s role in a highly recognized and respected Asian economy.

Andy’s experience includes many senior management roles with regulatory and public policy portfolios at one of the world’s largest telecom operators. His skills and responsibilities span the following:

    • Market Liberalization. Architected, defined & implemented the liberalization and competition framework & eventually created the organization that regulated the sector.  Defined sectoral competition principals that resulted in one of the most vibrant telecom markets in the world.
    • Next Gen Networks. Oversaw the governance model for the country’s National BroadBand Network project. This included developing a model that accommodated a substantial injection of government funding into an existing competitive market.
    • Privacy and Data Protection.  Served on the government’s Task Force to define policy and approach for procedures and definition of PII. Architected and implemented the governance model to insure protection of information in a open internet model.
    • Spectrum Policy. Structured and managed the spectrum policy and planning role for the nation. Included conducting allocation exercises (both, auctions and direct allocations), coordination (border coordination policy, major event assignments, and security), policy (new technological developments in the digital dividend reuse planning, new uses in UWB and higher frequency use).
    • Postal Regulator. Developed the framework to liberalize the postal sector.
    • International Segments. Developed and implemented the framework that opened up undersea and  space segment capacity to enable the country to earn the top spot in landed transmission capacity.
    • Policy and Strategy. Advised and served on many government industry policy forums;  including  privacy and data protection, spam, computer misuse.
    • Governance and Board Participation. Advised and served on various Boards to address the role  of  the internet and the societal governance policy.
    • Speaking, Expert Commentary and Articles. Extensive Public Speaking; primarily in Europe, the Gulf States and Asia Pacific, also in North America.  Major events include speaking before many of the  ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators; at the IIC’s Annual Conferences and their Regulator’s Forum; before various EU Competition Directorate Symposiums in Brussels; before the PRC’s IT Congress; several EIU conferences; numerous industry conferences that address Broadband Governance & Development, Privacy & Data Protection, Submarine Cable competition issues, satellite regulation, Spectrum Policy. The Postal responsibility resulted in several speeches before the UPU and other forums  addressing market liberalization, given that Singapore was among the first in the world to market liberalize.


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Telecom Leadership
Public Speaking events are scheduled in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America. Past events include ITU Global Symposium for Regulators, IIC Conferences and Regulator’s Forum, various EU Competition Directorate Symposiums and PRC IT Congress.
Global Experience
Andy Haire is a senior telecom executive with over 30 years of experience across four continents, and is considered among the preeminent telecom thought leaders/experts in the world.
Knowledge Sharing
We have established an international reputation for technological know-how, a grasp of market economic principles, strategies to capitalize on varied national and regional cultures / interests, and an ability to craft balance public policy.